How to Make a Simple Wire-wrapped Ring

A world traveler and general contractor and builder, Henryk Gudas has worked on a number of custom single- and multifamily projects. Since 1998, Henryk Gudas has brought the same innovative, in-depth approach that he uses in his building to his custom jewelry company Gudas, Inc., which has sold items throughout the world.

Whether starting with a simple project, like creating a wire-wrapped ring, or a more complicated task, like casting a ring from other materials, jewelry design can be both rewarding and challenging.

Before beginning the wire-wrapped ring, you will need a ring mandrel, or sizer, flat- and round-nosed pliers, a center-drilled bead or crystal for embellishment, and a length of malleable wire about 25 inches long. Remember when measuring ring size that wire-wrapped rings shrink one to two sizes during the construction process.

First, center the bead on the wire and place it on the ring sizer with one loop of wire above the bead and one below. Next, wrap the bead, alternating ends of the wire at least four times, or until it’s secure. Once the bead is secure, trim the ends of the wires to about 4 inches each. Take the ring off the sizer and wrap the ends tightly around the first three loops. Finally, trim any stray ends and shape the band with pliers. With practice, you can make interesting and unique wire-wrapped rings using this technique.


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