Gold Karat Rating Explained

Henryk Gudas has operated the U.S.-based design studio Gudas, Inc., since 1998. As an established jeweler, Henryk Gudas has worked extensively with gold, which is typically rated and measured in terms of “karats.”

The karat system is used because pure gold is too malleable to be a practical choice for jewelry. As a result, it is often combined with more common and less expensive “base metals” such as copper or zinc. These combinations of metals are referred to as alloys. The unit of purity for gold alloys is the karat, which is abbreviated as kt or K. One karat is equal to 1/24 part, meaning that a 24-karat gold item contains 100 percent gold. By contrast, a 6-karat gold alloy consists of 25 percent gold and 75 percent other metal(s).

Because gold is such a soft metal, 24-karat specimens are usually only used for display or in ceremonial capacities. The majority of gold objects are between 9-karat and 18-karat, but all gold sold as jewelry in the United States must have a minimum karat rating of 10.


How to Make a Simple Wire-wrapped Ring

A world traveler and general contractor and builder, Henryk Gudas has worked on a number of custom single- and multifamily projects. Since 1998, Henryk Gudas has brought the same innovative, in-depth approach that he uses in his building to his custom jewelry company Gudas, Inc., which has sold items throughout the world.

Whether starting with a simple project, like creating a wire-wrapped ring, or a more complicated task, like casting a ring from other materials, jewelry design can be both rewarding and challenging.

Before beginning the wire-wrapped ring, you will need a ring mandrel, or sizer, flat- and round-nosed pliers, a center-drilled bead or crystal for embellishment, and a length of malleable wire about 25 inches long. Remember when measuring ring size that wire-wrapped rings shrink one to two sizes during the construction process.

First, center the bead on the wire and place it on the ring sizer with one loop of wire above the bead and one below. Next, wrap the bead, alternating ends of the wire at least four times, or until it’s secure. Once the bead is secure, trim the ends of the wires to about 4 inches each. Take the ring off the sizer and wrap the ends tightly around the first three loops. Finally, trim any stray ends and shape the band with pliers. With practice, you can make interesting and unique wire-wrapped rings using this technique.

The Jewelry Industry – Report Explores Trends and Sales Expectations

As the owner and operator of Construction, LLC, Henryk Gudas is dedicated to producing residential and commercial buildings with high-quality craftsmanship and energy-efficient materials. Henryk Gudas balances his construction responsibilities with his role as the operator of Gudas Inc., a jewelry design studio that crafts custom jewelry for clients around the world.

According to a report from the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, annual global jewelry sales are expected to increase five to six percent each year, reaching a total of more than $250 billion in sales by 2020. The report also states that the jewelry industry will be increasingly impacted by trends in fashion and the global economy, including the evolving channel landscape.

With the expansion of online consumerism, the report notes that jewelry manufactures can use digital media platforms as a tool to build customer relationships, develop brand identity, and quickly disseminate information. Based on a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, the majority of luxury shoppers state that they conduct online research and reference social media for information before making an in-store purchase. While industry experts report that the bulk of fine jewelry sales will most likely remain in-store, McKinsey found that fashion jewelry is anticipated to generate higher online sales, with a 10 to 15 percent increase by 2020.

Destinations to Visit in South America

Entrepreneur Henryk Gudas owns a construction company where he specializes in custom bathroom vanities and kitchens. Away from work, Henryk Gudas enjoys traveling the world and exploring international cuisines. His most recent trip took him to South America.

Known for its beauty and accessibility to adventurous activities, South America is home to the Galapagos Islands. Located in Ecuador, it is a travel destination that caters to affluent lifestyles. However, those fortunate enough to visit the archipelago will experience exotic wildlife, such as the colorful sea iguana and giant tortoise that only exist on the islands. In addition, tourists can swim among dolphins and snorkel in crystal-clear waters.

The Canaima National Park situated in eastern Venezuela is another notable South American destination. It features the Angel Fall, which stands at more than 3,200 feet, making it the highest waterfall in the world. A flight from Caracas is necessary to reach the park, but when there, visitors can hike throughout the tepuis, table-top mountains that once connected South America and Africa.